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Michael Brennand-Wood

Forever Changes 22 Medi – 25 Tachwedd 2012

Forever Changes traces the work of Michael Brennand-Wood from his student days at Manchester Polytechnic to his current international practice. It was never going to be an easy task to capture four decades of prodigious activity by a unique talent who has long been a controversial figure. That his work should enter a new phase during the gestation period of the project only emphasised the difficulties of encapsulating a career which refuses to be contained by the boundaries of expectation.

The artist was clear from the outset that Forever Changes should be a biography of the work rather than the man: the focus on ideas explored and the development of a visual language, rather than the incidents of personal life. It might seem paradoxical to seek to deny the self when much of the work is acknowledged to be autobiographical, yet it is indicative of Michael’s conviction that his art be rooted in, and present a response to, the realities of human experience. It is this concern which made textiles – a medium of everyday commonality imbued with historic, ethnographic and cultural significance – a natural subject for the creative investigations he has sustained during forty years of studio practice.

An exhibition documenting Michael Brennand-Wood’s practice over forty years.‘Forever Changes’ features many previously unseen, new and important works with the emphasis very firmly on the ideas behind each piece.


CYHOEDDIADAU Michael Brennand-Wood Forever Changes

Arddangosfa yn dogfennu ymarfer Michael Brennand-Wood dros ddeugain mlynedd. Mae ‘Forever Changes’ yn nodweddu llawer o weithiau newydd a phwysig nas gwelwyd o’r blaen, gyda’r pwyslais yn gadarn ar y syniadaeth y tu ôl i bob darn.  Traethodau gan Paul Harper, June Hill, Peter Murray a Ian Wilson. Golygwyd gan June Hill a Philip Hughes.

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ISBN 978-1-905865-48-2
Iaith: Saesneg

I archebu ffoniwch: 01824 704774